The Black Crow’s Amazing Journey in Bergen

By Vietnamese students who participated in 2022 

I always get excited and emotional when I hear about the beloved name of Bergen, Norway. Here in the country that is considered one of the best places on Earth to live, I’ve had an extraordinary learning journey. Upon recalling those dear memories, my heart is overflowing with joy. 

When first arrived in Bergen, I was immediately mesmerized by the perfection of the landscape and the bright blue sky. As a dreamer who is insatiably curious and eager to learn new things, this city has provided me with some truly magical experiences. Everything about nature and the people is so ideal and breathtakingly gorgeous.

I was pleasantly surprised to learn about the people here. They are compassionate, joyful, and always radiate such tranquility that gives no place for any negative emotions towards them. Also, it is amazing that the cultural & lifestyle differences didn’t seem to give us much difficulty getting along at all. Thanks to my teachers’ and friends’ enthusiasm, learning & exchanging knowledge were made simple and full of positive energy. In lectures and discussion that I’ve taken part in, I had never felt so excited and intrigued.

I had a lot of interesting experiences in Bergen in addition to studying. I strolled the charming streets, marveled at the distinctive architecture, and studied the locals’ culture and way of life. I’m also quite proud of my submissions of various Bergen mountains. Being at the mountain peak, I feel the city’s majestic beauty and a strong sense of freedom & achievement.

We travel to new places and have exciting, youthful, and fun experiences together in the city. From cooking, fishing, roller skating, singing and dancing to late-night conversations and exchanges, it helped us understand more about the cultural distinction between Vietnam, Norway, and Nepal.

Me and my two friends Phuong and Huong once went on a camping trip together. The forest in which we set up our camp that night was freezing cold. However, after hours of patiently waiting, we’d been blessed with luck to be able to witness Northern Lights. Seeing such beautiful phenomenon with our very own eyes, we felt so lucky to have fulfilled our dreams together. My trip to Bergen has been made memorable for the rest of my life by all these experiences.

As for me, the nickname “the black crow” is an endearing nickname given to me by Huong and Phuong, whom I regard as my older sisters. The reason behind this nickname, please allow me to keep it a secret between us.

Upon finishing the program, I decided to go on a solo trip to discover Europe. Looking back now, I still find the attempt pretty bold. Back in Norway, I was getting used to the company of my two dear friends, and they were really concerned about my safety on the trip. The fear and hesitation I felt at first were quickly replaced by the thrill as I went on. My ability to communicate and adapt has greatly improved as a result of the experience. With a 20-day journey through Italy, Switzerland, France, Spain, and the Netherlands, I am now confident that I can go anywhere in the world without fear.

Overall, my time in Bergen was a wonderfully magical experience that left me with priceless memories and life-changing insights. It opened my eyes to the beauty of Norway as well as its people, culture, and way of life. It also taught me how important it is to accept others for who they are, to have an open mind, and to actively seek out new experiences.

I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to study in Bergen and the warm welcome and support I received from everyone there. This journey has inspired me to continue to explore and learn about different cultures and places around the world, while constantly dreaming and following my passion.

I strongly recommend it to anyone thinking about going to Bergen to study or visit. Not only will you gain an exceptional education, but you will also have an enriching and life-changing experience that will stay with you forever.

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