by Duong Thi My Duyen (Safe & Sound 2023 alumna)

It took me plenty of time to note down what I feel, because various things came up to my mind when I recalled the time I spent in Bergen and all of them are too beautiful to think of, and I am not good at expressing in words and feel a bit overwhelmed reliving the most beautiful dream ever of my life, so I chose to write the blog in the informal style, and enjoy the therapeutic nature of writing.

Well, I am finding myself look like the image of Rose in Titanic, smiling, and remembering all that happened in a very lively way …

To be sure I won’t forget the main part, I will talk about it first, my study

I have been enlightened of different aspects where psychology can be applied into. Before NORPART project, I focused mostly on clinical psychology and believed it to be the most interesting, but then how passionate and practical, all the teachers (Prudence, Unni, Ragnhild and guest lecturers) shared about what they have been doing really impressed me, a cognitive hit that could lead to big changes in my later career life, I think. I do want to work more with community- based projects. I truly admire your journeys, to do research, to travel, to work, to support, to teach, to inspire. The knowledge I have learnt there is precious, and the inspiration that we have got is priceless.

Next, about my experience, what I will be always proud of sharing with others.

Everything is a totally new horizon to me, because it’s been my first time travelled to Europe. I let myself opened for every single experience without any expectations, so let’s say I had zero disappointment. Lucky me, I was in the team of 5 girls who are like me, eager for all sorts of activities, and we set the same priority – experience – rather than study (sorry teachers :(( ), and we all agreed that this was the chance of a lifetime. Every moment is too valuable to be missed. We made a list of 100 things to do in Bergen, we did things we have never done or done that much in Vietnam. We discovered not only the city but also hidden parts of ourselves.

I love the city, love its nature, its mountains, its port, its streets, its rainy and sunny days.

I miss …

… the bybane, we did think of performing a song singing all the stations we heard while sitting in it … Bergen busstatjion, Nygard, Wergeland, Denmark plass, Brann stadion, Sletten, Slettebakken, Fantoft …

… the uphill path lead to our nice apartment, with the image of 5 girls, times to times, running to catch the bus or bybane :))

… the apartment where we cooked, watched Chinese drama, Harry Porter, studied, did everything together, and for me I like my balcony a lot, sitting with a cup of coffee and observing the clouds, people passing are my everyday routine.

… Bergen sentrum where I did come across some people I know on the streets, I love those surprising and unplanned “hi, hey, what”. Also, it is beautiful with the lake in the middle and hills surrounded and a lot of green can be spotted. Love it!

… Bryggen, highly recommended to take a walk there, strolling along the port itself is memorable. … Meny, Kiwi, Rema 1000, Coop Xtra, for sureeeeeee

… Skyss bus, and ferry. Thank you for taking me to all those destinations which would stay forever in my mind, my heart.

… the 7 mountains with and without berries :)) I have never trekked that much in my life, I love that newly discovered activity of my favorite. We saved our best sunny days for those, because ha ha we should not trek in rain and coldness.

… the fooooooooooood, I was like a gourmand tasting different kinds of food and different styles of cooking, hmmm grilled chicken with potatoes, stewed pork soup with all veggies and a lot potatoes, Carbonara, seafood chowder …

… a lot !

I want to embrace all these memories so that I would be mad at me if I forget any. I have never stopped feeling blessed and grateful for the chance from NORPART project to study in and to know and to love the city – Bergen, Norway. Thank you again for the great opportunity.

See you again!
Hanoi, December 1, 2023 Duong Thi My Duyen

“what are you waiting for?” – asked by someone at the airport
“ a part of me get lost, and yet come”
As I have left a part of me there, hopefully, I can comeback and find it.